Which website builder platform is the best and which one should you choose.

Let me take it off my chest, right from the start.

I’m a self-hosted WordPress fangirl and hard-core Elementor fan. There is no question about that.

But a few days ago, I happened to help a family member, with their website and I actually advised them to go with Squarespace. I wrote another blog about that which you can read here.

The whole process left me only with positive words so I wanted to write more about it.

There are many website builders, or blogging platforms, or website platforms, OR call it what you want, out there and the most common ones are WordPress.com, Blogger.com, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify (if you want to sell), and of course the self-hosted WordPress.

There is a big difference between these platforms and the last option, which is self-hosted WordPress.

In short:

  • Self-hosted: you buy a domain name, a hosting package, install WordPress and you have a website, which you need to maintain and do the regular updates.
  • Web-based website builders: Create an account, choose a payment plan, give it a name, and you have a website. No updates are needed.

The comparison of website builders

I don’t like commenting about other services without having used them, so I did try a bunch of them, and I live-streamed it here on my youtube channel.

If you don’t want to watch the whole video, I will give you the summary.

My opinions are mainly expressed as if I’m the end-user, not the developer of the website, but a person that wants a website for their business.

  • Wix, was ok but I wasn’t thrilled
  • I kind of like Squarespace, many creators that I’m following are using it, so that marketing has worked well on me 😀 but I have actually worked with a few customers who had Squarespace. At first it has hard to understand it, but I have come to appreciate its elegance and ease of use.
  • Webflow, is not for the average Joe, I mean you need to have some technical knowledge, it’s great for developers or designers but not for the end user.
  • WordPress.com solid blogging platform, but you need to go their second tier payment plan, to get rid of their advertisements on your “own” website.
  • Blogger.com, Solid, but old fashioned. Great for hobbies or small organizatons like, a book club.
  • WordPress, self hosted: Depending what you are after, it can be used by both the end user (with some learning curve) or by developers to create highly customized and fancy websites.

How would I categorize each website platform?

If you are a developer/designer I suppose WordPress/Webflow is your obvious choice. I see also some designers/devs using Squarespace.

If you are the end-user and want to build your own website for your business, then I would say Wix or Squarespace are the ones targeted towards you, and if I were to recommend something, that would be Squarespace. I have come to love this platform to the extent that it has made me cheat on my beloved self-hosted WordPress.

I have come to love this platform so much that I’m honestly thinking of learning more about it and offering it as a service, besides my WordPress/Elementor gigs. For certain type of customers that is.

There are clients who already know WordPress and are familiar with it so of course WordPress is the obvious choice. It’s also the obvious choice if they want a website with a great variety of functions but also a webshop. I wouldn’t look anywhere else for an e-shop right now. It’s all the way WordPress and WooCommerce.

But for portfolio websites for let’s say photographers, or simple 2-3 pages websites for B2Bs, with information about their company, some pictures and some static texts (as in no blog), and a contact form, I think Squarespace is a great solution.


I hope my explanation was valuable to you and if you are in the market for a platform for your website, I hope I helped you understand the differences.

To show you my appreciation for reading all the way to here, here is an SEO guide that I’m giving you FOR FREE, there is no catch.

See you soon.


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