The absolute beginner (parent) guide to Snapchat

I’m not a Snapchat expert but I know how to use it. Many kids and teenagers are using it and probably if you are a parent of one of these kids and you have no clue how the app works you are probably either curious or even worried as to what those kids are doing.

Therefore, I have decided that whatever knowledge I have of the platform I’m going to share it with you.

Download the Snapchat app.

First you need to download the app. It works for Android and iOS so just search for Snapchat on Google Play or on App store.

Once you download it it will ask you to login/create an account. Go through the process as with any other app.

Snapchat registration process requires for a mobile telephone number so the idea is to install it on your smartphone and not on a tablet or any other device.

The main concept of Snapchat is to send messages that disappear

This has unfortunately made the platform ideal for people who have not so honest intentions. However for the younger ones, which is the main target group, it didn’t matter. It is actually better to not save everything as they don’t see a point in to that.

That’s an explanation I heard in a podcast at some point, it might have been Gary Vee who said that, and it makes total sense. We are the generation that is used to having everything archived but that’s not what Snapchat is about.

Snapchat resembles the real life communication like actually talking to a person where nothing is saved. I mean imaging taking a notepad and writing down every single word that came out of your mouth while you and your friend were having a discussion. No one does that. That’s the idea of Snapchat.

This is what youngsters do with each other, they chat, they send pictures and messages without archiving them.

( I suppose at this point I need to address a huge subject which is cyber-bulling.  It is a major topic that needs to be discussed and as a parent is something that worries me a lot but I don’t think I’m qualified enough to talk about it so I won’t go into it right now.) 

Snapchat stories

The other big feature is stories. These are snaps that you send either to a group of friends or post  publicly.


This is your snap and from this screen you can add filters, text and then share it to your story (square icon on the bottom).


I will give a small example. I’m out with friends for dinner so I decided to take snaps of when we meet, when we are there at the restaurant and snaps of the food. All of these go to my story so my friends who follow me can see where I’m am and how I’m enjoying my time.

Besides the interaction between friends, some brands and newspapers have seen the potential of reaching a wide audience so they are publishing as well their stories, or their news so you can subscribe on them and see what they are publishing daily.

However, I have to say that the most common way of using Snapchat, at least for me, is for texting friends, like sending SMS.

If you are a parent that has no idea about Snapchat, but your kid does, just download it and test it.

This is what the main screen looks like. This is where you take a selfie or a picture. Then you can either send it to a friend privately or as a public story for everyone to see. And by everyone I mean your 5 other friends. Or 20 or 50.

Then if you swipe left or right you will end up in either your contacts or on the subscribers screen. Do you want to try it out? You are free to add me as your friend and I will test it with you.

You have to tell me the magic word though, which is “coolparent23” to know that you found me from this article 😀

I’m morgania23 so come and say hi!


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