The 40+ plus geek generation and how to spot them.

Technically I’m not 40 yet, I will turn 40 in 3-4 months but oh well. I have friends in their late 30s or 40s so I suppose 40 is a nice middle number.

Oh how the times have changed. But anyway. On with how to spot a 40+ year old geek list:

  • We are the ones that grew up in the 80s and 90s when the internet didn’t exist in the form that is today and we know how life was before smartphones.
  • We were the Nintendo Gameboy users (even though we were boys and girls that were using it).  Now we see kids with Gameboy  back packs and we get a warm fuzzy feeling inside.
  • We wear geeky t-shirts that only people our age and fellow geeks know what the mean. And  still not all of our similar age friends know about them. We are a tribe of our own and when we spot someone with a Valve or a Blizzard t-shirt we know we have found a potential friend.
  • We like Mario-like music. Blip blip.
  • We love the film Pirates of the Silicone Valley.
  • We wear gaming clothes and we love it.
  • Us girls, buy necklaces, armbands and earrings with gaming themes.
  • You boys buy back packs and t-shirts and armbands with gaming themes.
  • We tend to like electronic music.
  • Many of us are parents and we share the same enthusiasm as our kids for the next upcoming game. It might not be the same game but we understand each other.
  • Also, many of us that are parents can’t wait until our kids are old enough to introduce them to the gaming world.
  • There so many more things I could write about it but not everything applies to everyone so I will stop here 🙂

If you are a fellow 30 or 40+ geek you are welcome to join our tribe 🙂




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