Becoming a designer…or not

It’s not easy.

You know that feeling when you have decided you want to start something new and you are excited and you think about it all the time and you are like “yes! I can do it”
And then you dive into it and you are still excited and enthusiastic and you think “yes! I’m starting to learn about this thing, it’s so cool” and the further you proceed in your learning process the more you start to feel “oh man, what have I gotten myself into? I’m never going to make it.”

Yup, that’s where I am now. I felt so excited about learning more about web design, UI/UX design and it’s not something completely new to me. I have been building websites since forever, but I was more involved in the technical aspects, not the front view, the design.

I feel overwhelmed and I doubt and I question myself. Will I be able to make it? The motivational answer is “Yes, of course, don’t give up”

The real question is…”what was I thinking?”

But I’m not ready to give up yet.

Do you relate? Have you felt the same?


What makes a website a good one?

Oh, that’s a big one. I don’t think I will manage to cover everything in one single post, but I suppose I have to start somewhere.

A good website is one that tells the visitor exactly what it is, in a matter of seconds. More than 3 seconds and they will start losing interest if they don’t know what your site is about.

You need to get the attention of them and you need to make them stay and navigate through your webpages.

How to do that?

Yes, that’s the tricky question. Your website’s design should guide them through your virtual world.

Your images, your colours, the typeface you are using, the clickthrough action buttons, must all together tell the same story and help your visitors understand what is it that you do, why it was smart that they visited your website, and how they can learn more about you, get in contact with you, or buy something from you.

You need to consider that all the elements of the website must be placed strategically and in harmony so that you can offer a smooth and pleasant experience. I may sound like a travel agent but consider that you are taking your visitors on a trip through your company’s web pages.

A clear menu and the use of breadcrumbs are important in helping people navigate and knowing where they are on your website, at any point.

Images do a good, well actually they do an excellent job, explaining processes so try to explain and represent things with pictures or images or any type of graphical elements. People don’t have time nowadays to read lots of text.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the 90s 🙂 where we used to read every piece of text and all the emails we got.

Easy navigation (menu), images that show who you are and what you offer, pictures that make the visitors feel as if they are entering your company, are important factors for a website to be successful.

A first page that, with the help of graphics and pictures, shows who you are, what your company is about, a contact page where it’s crystal clear how visitors can reach you best, a product gallery, a company or personal presentation, a portfolio page, all that assisted with a navigation menu, are essential things.

UI/UX  (User Interface/User experience), but not only, is what helps companies create amazing, beautiful, and successful websites.

Actually, before we go to UI/UX we need to talk about branding and setting goals, but that’s a story for a different post.