Do you charge by the hour or by project? A question to freelancers

The never-ending dilemma of the freelancers.

How to charge? I’m not going to talk about how much, but how as in, per hour or per project.

To be honest, opinions are divided and there are pros and cons in both ways.

However, I have been reading and watching videos about this and I come to the conclusion that if you want to grow as a freelancer, as a business owner, then the best solution is to charge by project price.

Here is the deal. You start your career now and you estimate that you need (hypothetical numbers) 20 hours to finish X project.

After a few months or years, if you keep doing a similar project, chances are, and I’m convinced that this is the case, you will become better and more efficient at your work so the same project will probably take you now 10 hours. So are you going to charge fewer hours?

The correct answer is no.

That’s why for certain projects it’s better to charge a fixed price.

For other projects, an hourly rate might be more appropriate.

But I don’t think the idea is for us to hunt the hours. As a company, we need to aim for growth. Yes, I have been watching a lot of businesspeople (mainly on Youtube, the University of our time) about it and sharing their advice on camera.

The Futur and Chris Do is one of them.


However, I live in a country where price per hour is the norm. We have good rates though, so I’m not complaining.

It’s hard and I suppose being able to price our services appropriately comes with experience, and sometimes by daring to go higher. Yes, we are worth it.