Inspiration for designers

Where do we find inspiration? Good question.

I’m not that good at that, or at least I think I’m not good at that and that keeps my brain blocked.

But we can find inspiration everywhere. From the sky, from the passing by bus with the huge advertisement on the side, from the countless websites we visit every day, from nature.

I will be more specific though. I want to find inspiration to increase my skill set. As I have mentioned previously, I want to dive into design. UI/UX design.

I don’t aspire to reinvent any wheels here, I aspire to train my eyes to find symmetry, to find harmony, colours that match.

My friend Vaso said, start by looking at colour pallets. It’s a good advice.

However, I have a confession to make.

I find inspiration and I try to reproduce it. I did it yesterday with a cool website I found.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to steal anyone’s work. I do it for the sake of exercising, training, learning.

I will not be publishing it anywhere. If I show it to anyone, credits will be given.

I found inspiration and I want to nurture it.

It’s not ok to steal. It’s ok to be inspired, take a piece of work, a piece of art, and do something new with it.

And always give credit where its due. Chris Do, from The Futur has a great video around this subject. I hope I won’t mess it up.