Blogging like it’s 2000. A day in the life of spaceMorgy

On this article I’m going to go personal and write like I used to when I was using livejournal back in early 2000. Ha! That was not my intention when I started writing this post right here but now I got curious if that blog I had back then still exists *embarrassing* *searching*…

Nope, the blog name is there but the entries are all gone. Well it’s been more than 10 years since I last blogged there so I’m not surprised.

Anyway, my point is that this post is going to be a simple “what I have done today” post like we used to do back when the www was only beginning  to take over our lives.

I woke up at around 6:30am which is a fantastic *sarcasm* time. You see I have a toddler who is an early riser so my mornings usually start at anytime between 6 and 7 am.

Made myself a coffee and then a second and stayed in bed with my little one, he on my tablet watching cartoon, me on my computer blogging and just browsing.

After a while we got up to have some breakfast. It was yogurt for both of us. Then it was just a slow paced morning. The kid hanging out with the dad, me sorthing out the laundry, the dad doing some dishes, the kiddo playing and when the both of them went out to the store for some small groceries I just continued with household chores.

At the same time though I was listening/watching to some Youtube Ted talks. I enjoy more listening to some motivational, or marketing related or something in that direction talks. My favourite youtuber in the marking area is Gary Vee. That guy is amazing.

Then the boys came back, I had a shower, we had lunch and after that it was nap time. I co sleep with the kid which is so cozy and I will miss it, even though for the moment I don’t enjoy waking up with a tiny foot in my face. We kind of overslept for an afternoon nap, so let’s see how bedtime will be affected. Well it’s Saturday so he can stay up for little longer.

Now we are up, I had already another coffee and I’m blogging this fantastic piece of content 😀

Ideally I would like to shoot a Leia video. You probably don’t know what I mean but I have a small Youtube channel were I do geeky stuff so currently I’m making small reviews/showcasing videos of our 80’s Kenner Star Wars figures. If you are into these things, you can see one of my videos here: (but you don’t have to)

Now I’m getting hungry it’s time to eat something. Let’s see if I eat something in the healthy or the unhealthy spectrum.

What do you usually eat on Saturdays as a favourite snack?



How to step up your blogging game with attractive images on your posts

This is something I try to improve constantly on my articles and by no means am I perfect but and I will share with you my thoughts on how to step up your blogging game.

We, humans, are visual creatures. Well, audio also but in the blogging world, it’s visual that counts.

Reading is great, and attracting viewers by having nice titles and content is the n.1 thing you should do, but we don’t live in the 90s anymore where every word on the internet was important and we read every single one of them. Admittedly we tend to scan many of the articles nowadays and granted we don’t have the luxury of reading long articles always.

That’s why we need images. Images tell their own story and get the attention of the viewer. I try to use nice eye-catching images on this blog and I will tell you a few tips of how I do it.

Make use of the right image can make a difference and I’m always trying to improve my photo-shooting skills or Photoshopping skills.

I’m not affiliated with any of the following links but I really really like them so I will share them with you. If you are a new blogger – like me – and are lost I highly recommend taking advantage of them. The best part? They are free!

They have a huge selection of templates, designs images and pictures that a free to use, but they also have premium ones that are usually as cheap as 1$.

CANVA Print screen

  • Then we have a website with a great gallery of free images for you to download and use on your blog.

like this one:

girl working on her laptop in bed

  • My next tool of choice is my all time favourite Pixlr. This is an online image editor that can help you do wonders. Its editor is similar to Photoshop so if you are familiar with it it will be a piece of cake for you to use it. They have a great app as well that help you enhance your images in a very fast and easy way.

pixlr edito screen

All of the above tools are free (with premium features as well) but so far I’m covered with their free version.

I do believe that visual elements work positive in our brain and help digest the content in a more fan way so I hope my recommendations will help you with your blogging adventures and if you have questions or comments I will be happy to read them below.

See you next time 🙂


How do you write the perfect blog post?

blogging image

Well, to be honest with you, I don’t know as I don’t write perfect blog posts but I write pretty nice ones and so I would like to share and explain with you how I do, so hopefully, I can help and inspire you to do the same.

First, you need to brainstorm. Ask yourself:

  • What am I going to write?
  • Why? What’s the purpose? (educational? entertainment? informative?)
  • To whom am I addressing my blog post?

These are the initial questions you need to ask yourself before you start writing. Maybe you have already a nice idea but ask these questions to help you built the story in a nice way.

Then work on the title. Or not yet. This is actually something that if you don’t have the inspiration at the beginning, wait until you’re done with your post and then work on the title.

A nice trick is to use Google to help you with inspiration and to show you which keywords work best.

For instance, if you want to write a mashed sweet potato recipe here are a few ideas:

So if you are stuck, use Google.

1. What about the main content then?

My suggestion is to try and have a beginning a middle and an end.

Break it down in small paragraphs. Some people do that, others don’t. I personally like small paragraphs as they are easier in the eye.

Additionally, having small paragraphs gives you the advantage and the possibility of using a heading before them (not on every single one) which can help with SEO. Headings can include good keywords that Google can pick up when people are searching for something similar, so why not do that as well?

Use your own personal style while writing. I believe you should try and resemble your voice. Don’t make it too professional if this isn’t you. I try to keep a friendly and casual tone on this blog. I don’t always succeed so I’m going to put a smiley here so you can see that I’m super friendly and super casual 😀

2. Let’s talk about blog posts images

Use images and use nice ones. Do you have a smartphone? Perfect. You can take great pictures with it. Experiment with light, with different angles so that you can create interesting images.

This is a picture I took:

If you are not good with photography there are many tutorials online that can help you become better. Youtube is a great search engine for photography tutorials so give it a go.

Here are some results that might help you: 

Additionally, if you don’t want to try that then you can read my post where I explain how to find attractive images for your site. I explain how to create your own fancy images using Canva but in short, it’s mostly about finding nice quality images from the following website:  

There I can find pictures like this:

Or this:

blogging image

I’m not affiliated with this website, I just discovered it recently and I love it so I’m sharing it with you 🙂

3.I have written a great post and included killer images, now what?

Proofread it! Again, and again. Ask a friend if possible. I do it all the time. My poor sister has read most of my articles, whether she likes it or not 😛 but she can easily spot mistakes that I have missed.

A new pair of eyes can spot mistakes easier than us because we have the text in our heads and somethings as we read it our eyes get tricked by our brain.

Pro tip: install Grammarly. I’m not affiliated but I love it. It has a premium version, but the free version is amazing for correcting the most common grammatical and spelling errors.

Remember the post categories

Also, make sure you have categories and tags that are related to your article. If it’s a recipe I suggest having a main category “Food” or “Recipes” and tags like “sweet potatoes” etc.

Once you are done with proofreading it hit that amazing PUBLISH button.

Use Social media to promote your blog post

Once you have published it share it to all the social media platforms you use. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (take a picture of that blog post or share the image and put the link on your bio) and definitely Pinterest.

I see a lot of activity in Pinterest so I suggest that if there was only one place you could share that has to be Pinterest.


In its basic form, this is pretty much the process of a blog post. There are more things that you can do such as in-depth keyword research to see what’s trending and what people are searching for but if you are just starting, then the above process is perfect to get you started and help you learn.

If you have more questions regarding writing the perfect post, or anything related that you want me to cover, let me know in the comments.

See you next time.

How to make your first WordPress post – Absolute beginner WordPress blog guide

Now that you have your WordPress website up and running, it’s time to write your fantastic content and fill it up with your blog posts.

This tutorial is aimed towards the absolute beginner that hasn’t used WordPress (.org the self-hosted one) before.

It is super easy and by the end of this post, you will know how to create posts and how to blog like a pro!

How to login to WordPress? It’s also super easy.

First, you need to login to your dashboard.

Go to your browser and type

Then a screen appears that asks for your username and password. Type them in and click on Login.

You will be then forwarded into your Dashboard. On the left side, there is a black vertical menu column. On the very top of the menu, you see the word Dashboard and right under it, you see the word Posts.

If you click on Posts you will enter the menu area where you are going to creating your very own posts.

Click on Add new.

You will then see an empty post screen. On top, there is the title field where you get to type your post’s title and under it, you see a large empty text area. This is where the magic happens. Here you can start typing your posts and creating your wonderful content.

This is how the one I’m writing right now looks like:

Once you are done you need to publish your blog. There a few more things you need to consider such as the type of post or format and the categories.

Type of posts or Format on WordPress

There are different post formats such as Standard (most common and recommended), gallery, quote, audio, etc.

Wordpress post format

We will stick to Standard for now as this is the default type so you don’t need to do anything else for the moment.

Post categories for WordPress

This is very important for sorting out your posts by theme. The default category on a brand new WordPress website is Uncategorized. We don’t want that.

You can create a few categories based on what you are planning to talk about. If you have a beauty website then maybe you want to have categories such as Cosmetics, Hair products, Body products or anything that is related to your genre.

The easiest way is to go to the categories field on the right of your post and click on Add new Category link, right at the bottom of the existing ones:

add new category

In my blog, I have a few different categories, however, I use mostly Technology as my main category and then, for example, Podcast for the ones I use audio clips.

Once you are done writing your post and you have chosen the right category then the only thing left is to publish it.

Hit the publish button and that’s it.

Your new post is now published and visible to your audience. Wasn’t that easy? Now it’s time to start writing your next post 🙂

Stay tuned for more WordPress tutorials and happy blogging.