I have so many ideas. I get overwhelmed and in the end nothing happens

Have you felt that you want to do so many things but you end up doing nothing?

This is me now. I have a day job. I like my day job, I have been dreaming of having such a job for years and I’m very happy I found it.


I want to do more.

I don’t know if it’s the 2 years “honeymoon is over time” but I want to do more. Not quitting my job. I still love doing it but I want to do more in life.

I have so many ideas for side hustles but I end up with nothing. I get overwhelmed and I don’t know where to begin.

Everything requires energy and time and planning. Obviously.

That’s why I don’t like the people who try to promote the “entrepreneur” life style that in their head it means traveling all the time mainly for pleasure, having a laptop to do some work here and there but do none of the actuall work and eventually go bankrupt or just close their business.

I know it takes effort. And I’m all in for that. What I need to figure out is where to concentrate my energy.

Deep down I know and tech-related stuff has always been my passion.

I really want to blog about these things cause making them public make me put things into prespective.

Blogging relaxes me. It puts my thoughts into cyber “paper” and it clears my head. But vlogging is a newly discovered passion as well. I’m not that good yet but I enjoy it.

I would love it if you stick around and see where this whole journey takes us.

We will use this platform as our space. You will see pictures, vlogs, videos and anything in between of what we are doing in the future.

I hope you enjoy the journey with us as much as we do.

Update. I needed to clear my mind. What I did was I exercised a bit. I’m lucky to have a sister/personal trainer/pilates instructor etc that sends me training videos via messenger and google drive.

It works. I did a mild 30 mins session and my head has gotten a bit clearer.

Well I guess what they say it’s true. I don’t know what they say exactly, and who’s they but it’s true that exercising is good for the body and mind.


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Xanthi S

Xanthi S

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