How to start blogging in 2021 with WordPress – What you need

Starting a blog is the best thing you can do to grow your online business or to start an online business and I’m going to explain the things you need to consider before starting one.

The Basics of a blog – Domain name and Web Hosting

As the title suggests, one of the very first things you would need is to decide on a name for your blog and get the domain name for that.

A domain will be your URL. It is something that will look like this:

Secondly, you need a hosting provider, you need a space online, on the interwebz to host your blog or your website.

What I recommend is to find a provider that offers both, that is domain name and hosting. Many hosting providers offer these services together, while others offer only the hosting part or just a domain name registration.

There is nothing wrong with that, but just out of convenience and to have one less login to remember, I highly recommend getting both at the same hosting provider.

I have two hosting providers that I recommend as I have used both, and they are suitable for different budget levels but of course, you can just do a bit of Googling and pick someone else.

Siteground* offers solid hosting websites that are good for blogs and even small e-shops, even on its starting plan.

If the budget is tight, then I have a budget-friendly option for you. That is Misshosting*. It’s great for blogs on their starting levels.

You can upgrade the plans on both providers according to your needs if you see that your blog is growing.

*Both are affiliate links which means if you decide to purchase these services through these links, I will get a small commission from that sale, at no additional cost to you. You can see it as a way to show your support for this website.

Next: WordPress for blogging

Once you have the first step of getting a domain name and hosting provider covered then you need to build the website.  Well, I’m not talking about coding anything, no no, we are no-coding people here, but you would need to install something, a program or software, that will be the core of your website.

WordPress is one of the most popular systems, if not the most popular, amongst bloggers. And by WordPress, I mean the self-hosted WordPress site, the one that you download from

If you use Siteground or Misshosting, you won’t need to download anything. They offer 1 click installation, which means you just press 1 button and the website is built in a matter of a few minutes.

These are not the only ones that offer this functionality. Many hosting providers do offer that, so you will probably be fine, whatever you choose. But you can double-check as they usually mention it on their website.

Once you have your WordPress site installed you can are ready! You can start blogging straight away.

WordPress has a great theme library so you don’t need to purchase anything, and I wouldn’t even start talking about theme builders at this point.

Focus on your content as this is what matters to Google. Texts and titles and articles and freshly created content.

Further resources:

If you need more help with your blog, I do have many tutorials that you can find on this website. 

You can also follow me on my Youtube channel, where I stream WordPress tutorials as well.

I also have a free course on Thinkific, that if you are a complete beginner it will help you a lot. There is no catch, no hidden links or anything, the only thing you need is a free account on their platform.

All of the above resources are free, and you are welcome to comment and let me know if you need help with a specific part of your blogging journey. I will be happy to help.

Good luck 🙂



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