Hello, my fellow bloggers. In this article, I will gather pricing information, yearly subscriptions, and a summary of what each plan, of the most (IMO) popular and commonly used blogging or website building platforms, offer. I will also talk about the equivalent costs of a self hosted WordPress website.



If you are the one that will be building your website, then chances are that this is the most important cost you need to know at this point. But if you want to hire a designer or developer, then keep in mind that there will be additional costs. And before you hire someone, make sure that the design specs will be in alignment with the platform you choose. It will be quite unfortunate to pay for something that you won’t be able to use on your platform.



So my goal with this guide is to help you understand the different subscriptions plans of different blogging platforms and also what each plan has to offer.



Prices are a mix of USD and Euros. I live in Europe so I get different prices due to my location, but at least you get an estimation of the price levels.



And also, 1 USD = 0,85 € at the time I wrote this article.


Let’s start with the most popular – IMO- WordPress.com, NOT the self-hosted WordPress version, but the hosted on WordPress.com version.



WordPress.com Plans

Prices are valid for yearly plans.

  • Free plan: No unique domain name so you will have something.wordpress.com plus showing random ads on your website. It’s ok for a hobby website, not for a professional one.

  • Personal plan: approx. 3,5$/month. (I say approximately because I live in Sweden so I do a rough estimation based on exchange rates). You can have your own domain name and basic functions. No ad revenue option.

  • Premium plan: approx. 8$/month. Option for ad revenue unlocked, plus Google analytics and live chat support (plus more).

  • Business plan: approx: 29$/month. Even more, options unlocked, all of the above plus backups, the option to install plugins, and more.

  • E-commerce plan: approx: 52$/month. Well, now you can start sell. This plan includes everything plus design options and the ability to have your own e-shop. This is the highest plan they offer

Visit WordPress.com plans page for more details

So we have a range of approx 55 $ to 630 $ (more or less) per year from their cheapest to their most expensive plan.


Let’s continue with the next platform, not my personal favourite, but many people’s favourite, Wix.com


Wix.com plans

Prices are valid for yearly plans.

  • Connect domain: 4.5€/month. You get a custom domain name, but you will still have wix.com ads on your site.

  • Combo: 8.5€ /month. Custom domain and you get rid of the wix.com ads on your site.

  • Unlimited: 14.5€/month. All of the above plus unlimited bandwidth and 1-year free analytics.

  • VIP: 26€/month. All of the above plus design options. According to their site, you get a professional logo and the option of it being in different sizes for your social media. Not sure what it means in reality and how it’s different from the other plans, but that’s the information on their site.

So far we have a range of 54€ to 312€ per year.

But still, you are not getting e-commerce options. So for that, we need to go to their Company Side plans


  • Business Basic: 17€/month

  • Business Unlimited: 26€/month

  • Business Vip: 35€/month

The above plans all offer pretty much the same things, the difference is the level of support. Obviously, the VIP plan has priority support and of course, you pick one of these plans based on how large your e-shop is.

For e-commerce solutions, we are talking about 204€ to 420€ a year.

It’s definitely something for people with either an existing business and an existing budget, or for people with a budget and a solid business plan.

Read more about Wix pricing plans.

Let’s move on to one of my favourite actually blogging/website platforms, which is Squarespace. I mean, if I wasn’t a self hosted WordPress fan, I would probably go for Squarespace.


Squarespace.com plans

Prices are valid for yearly plans.

  • Personal: 12$/month. You get a custom domain, well it’s a must with all their plans, you get a fully functioning website, no e-commerce though, and no Analytics. Beautiful templates, but not so much customization and design options.

  • Business: 18$/month. Already on their second tier, you unlock the e-commerce function. You have more marketing and design options (according to their site, such as ability to have pop-ups lead magnets, and banners). 3% transaction fees.

  • Basic Commerce: 26$/month. All of the above but some more e-commerce related options. Also 0%  transaction fees.

  • Advanced Commerce: 40$/month. All of the above plus more e-commerce options like subscriptions.

So here we are in the 144$ to 480$ range per year.

Read in detail all of Squarespace’s plans here.


There are more online platforms but I wanted to focus on the above 3 as these are the most common names that pop up frequently in the blogging groups that I participate.

But let’s take a look at what it costs to build a WordPress self-hosted website.

The basics are the same in whatever platform you choose. Same as here, you need a domain name and a hosting package.

This is what the above platforms offer as well. A domain name, hosting and additional functions. The benefit with a self hosted WordPress is that the majority of the above functions that often need a higher tier of a subscription plan to be unlocked, come by default with WordPress and WooCommerce if you want to do e-commerce.

The catch is that you are the one running everything, you will be the one taking care of all the technical details, the installations, the settings, the updates and so on. Whereas in other platforms, many things are taken care of in the background. So for instance, you don’t have to worry about updates if you are using Squarespace.

So, back to prices.

A domain name costs roughly anything from 10-30$ per year. I would say a common average is 12-15$ per year. Not a big expense.


Then, when it comes to hosting, things can get pretty complicated. There hosting packages that cost 1 dollar a month or less, like Misshosting* and there are others that cost 30$ like Kinsta (not affiliated but an awesome hosting provider and I highly recommend it if you have the budget).

The decision of which hosting provider to chose can get complicated but it’s often based on pricing. Siteground, Bluehost, and other common providers are offering solid services and will help you host your website without problems.


These are usually in the 100$ to 150$ per year, and with a hosting package of that price level, you get a pretty good deal and a solid infrastructure for your website.


A self-hosted WordPress is something I recommend for people who know how it works, who are tech-savvy, and like taking care of technical stuff. It is a flexible tool, and it gives you so many options, by default, without needing to pay to unlock extra features.

Then of course, there is the discussion of the premium plugins. And yes, depending on what you need to achieve, you might need to invest in extra plugins that cost anything from 20$ to 100$ per year. But for starting your blogging career, aiming to monetize it through affiliate marketing, or for a simple e-shop to sell your product or services then WordPress, in general, is a budget-friendly solution.

However, I do understand that people who don’t want to mess with technical stuff, and there is nothing wrong with that, as people decide how to spend their time more efficiently, will probably benefit if they go with WordPress.com or Wix or Squarespace, as these services will take away – most of the times – the headache of all the back-end technical details.

So the decision should not only be money-based, even though I respect the money factor. It should also be based on your needs, on your strengths and capabilities, and on evaluating where and how you can use your time more efficiently.

I hope my guide bought you value and I would love to see in the comments if you have any questions.

Thank you for your time reading my article and see you soon!



*affilate link.