How to be creative with just your smartphone / iPhone ( for video, image, podcast)


On this live I talk about my favourite mobile phone apps (or iPhone apps or smartphone apps if you will) that I use for doing my video editing, image editing, making my youtube thumbnails, making edits for images I want to use on Instagram and I also talk about my podcast and anchor. It’s so easy you guys, it’s ridiculous. And as usual, I try to inspire you and push you into starting creating content. If you are considering it but haven’t made the first step, you don’t need expensive equipment.

Just do what I do – watch my live stream – and start creating 🙂


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321 back up. What is it and how to do it? Live chat video and explanation.

321 backup

On this video I talk about the 3-2-1 back up strategy and that I purchased a new external drive to have it as my 3rd back up option.

If your work depends on storing files for your clients or if you want to be certain that your videos, images and any other personal files are safe, then I highly recommend the 321 back up methong.

In simple words it means that you spread your files/back ups in 3 different locations. Example. 1. local, 2. external drive, 3. cloud.


Thank you for watching. Are you going to start using this back up method? Let me know 🙂

WordPress talk, using Gutenberg vs Elementor, Mikado WordPress theme and my site updates, Live on Youtube


The first thing I do when I install a new WordPress website is to deactivate the Gutenberg editor. Not on the most recent website that I’m building actually.

I use Mikado on this website but I’m a huge Elementor fan.


The rest you can watch on the video above 🙂 thank you for warching.

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How to edit on iMovie on your iPhone XR -(Trim, Titles and Picture in Picture) 2020 edition

All you need to start creating videos on youtube is your iPhone. You can shoot, edit and upload your videos, all directly from your iPhone. I’m sure Android phones have similar functions but this tutorial is targeted to iPhone/iMovie users that want to start making videos with just their phone. On this tutorial I’m using my iPhone XR and the majority of my videos here are done this way. It’s so convenient and I prefer that image quality than my webcams. I hope you enjoyed it. If you did give it a thumbs up and if you found it useful remember to subscribe.

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Youtube: iPhone XR For Vlogging in 2020?



Welcome to the other segment of my mini series of vlogging with your smartphone. My main phone is an iPhone XR and it is my main filming device for whenever I’m not using the webcam. As you see it’s a great vlogging device and I really enjoy even the default microphone which works great, for indoors filming. It works ok for outdoors as well, but it’s better if you use the Earpods. I hope you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up and let me know what you think in comments. Do you consider starting a youtube channel with just your phone? Go for it.

Testing earphone mics for vlogging with iPhone ( EarPods, Sennheiser and just the iPhone)


On this episode I decided to do a test using the 2 pair of earphones that I own and together with the native mic of the iPhone test and decide which microphone sounds the best. I went for a walk to the closest part/lake where it was kind of windy which makes it for a great testing conditions 🙂 I understand now that if I held the mic closer to my mouth it might have helped the quality maybe? What do you think? Is the iPhones own mic better than the Earpod’s or the Sennheiser momentum mic?


Thank you for watching

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My live Youtube videos: 4/7/2020 Updates, gaming and gaming industry issues?


I decided to take a stand against the gaming industry harassment situation that I have been seeing recently, and not just only sexual harassment but also the stupid death threats that people feel they have a right to give to other people. I’m probably not qualified enough to speak for these issues but I couldn’t let it be and I felt I have to say that I totally support the victims and you that feel you are in the powerful position, just stop. I’m open for a dialogue but only if it’s civilized.


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3 FREE photoshop alternatives? Check out my video where I give you 3 cool options

Photoshop alternatives


You want to be able to do image manipulation or some small graphics design or edits but you can’t afford an expensive software like Photoshop?
No worries, there are many free alternatives and on this episode, I will give 3 ones that I have personally used and I’ve been happy with the results.
1. Gimp
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Using Filmora9 as my standard video editing tool

I wanted to purchase a solid programme but didn’t want to go the Adobe way. Not because I think it’s not a good suite.
On the contrary, I think it’s amazing.
However, it’s not something that fulfills my current needs.

Therefore I was searching for an alternative solution and a reliable one. Let me be clear. This is not a sponsored post.
I just wanted to show you what tools I’m currently using, and this amongst my top ones. I’m using this one when I’m editing my Youtube videos 🙂

Filmora9 has a learning curve but it’s not so steep. If you have been using iMovie you will get going faster.

Here are a few screenshots of the software: