How to make a Twitter cover using Canva

Hello and welcome to another tutorial from the Clickvoyagers.

Today I will show you how to make a Twitter header using Canva’s preset designs but also using your own image.

Let’s start by using Canva’s presets.

Go to and click on Twitter header:

showing canva interface

If you can’t locate the above option from the start page of Canva use the search function:

showing how to search canva

You will then be forwarded to this screen where you have a selection of headers on the left and your empty canvas on the right.

how to design in canva

Select an image from the left column and it will appear on your Canva.

how to design and add text in canva

Then you can edit the text by selecting it and writing the title of your choice.

Additionally, you have some text editing options on the top, where you can change the font, the size, make the text bold, etc.

Then you are ready. Now if you click on Download on the top right corner you will able to download your Twitter header and upload it on Twitter.

It is that easy!

If you want to use your own image you can do so by following these steps.

Select the twitter header option like previously.

Upload your own image by going to the Upload tab on the left side menu:

how to upload on canva
That is a very old picture of me 🙂

Then you can add your own text by clicking on the Text tab on the left menu:

add title and text on canva

This is what I made (I love coffee so it makes sense):

a twitter header using canva

and if you want a good source for free stock images I recommend I’m not affiliated with them but I use this website a lot and I think it’s a great database of nice free stock images. Highly recommended.

I have also written another tutorial on how to use Canva to make a Facebook cover.

If you need help with a certain platform please let me know and I’ll try make a tutorial for you 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this little guide and feel free to share it with your friends.

and I’ll see you next time!


How to use Canva to make a Facebook cover – a tutorial for beginners

Canva is an amazing platform that helps us create graphics for our social media. In this article, I will show you how it works and how you can make your own Facebook cover in just a few easy steps. After you have finished this article you will be able to do many more than just a Facebook cover.

This is not a sponsored post, I use Canva a lot for many of my graphics and I think it’s a great tool that it is worth sharing.

By the way, if you are interested I have written another tutorial where I show you how to make a Twitter header using Canva 

How to start

Let us get familiar with the interface. It’s very user-friendly and intuitive and it’s easy to create and design something for your social media things 🙂

The following is a print screen from my Canva’s homepage.

canva homepage

You can use the search function Or you can click on the “Create a design” button:

showing how to create a design via canva

Haha, how do you like my hand-drawn arrow?

If you click on Create a design then you are presented with a selection of choices, like Instagram post, Instagram story, Facebook story, Facebook cover, etc.

showing different designs in canva

So let’s make a Facebook cover.

Once you click on it you are forwarded to your canvas 🙂 and with a nice pre-sets selection on your left side column:

showing your canva interface

You can select any of those (Free and non-Free graphics) to create a nice cover for your Facebook page.

I chose the coffee themed one because I love coffee 🙂

Once you click on your favourite graphic, then the graphic gets transferred onto the canva where you can edit it further.

Pro tip: I think Canva has a nice selection of presets so if you are a beginner you can start using their pre-designed ones before you get comfortable making your own.

So let’s see how we can edit the text on the cover:

showing how to add text in canva

As you see you have options on the top for editing the text, which you can select and edit, re-write, change the font, the colour, etc.

Once you are done, all you have to do is click the “download” button and save your graphic to your hard drive. And then you can use that graphic to update your facebook cover.

how to download your graphic


It really can’t get easier than that 🙂

That’s pretty much the procedure and that’s how it works for most of the graphics, at least for the ones I have been making. I have been using Canva a lot to make Pinterest images and the process is pretty much the same.

If you need further help with your Canva graphics please let me know and if you need a specific tutorial you can leave me a comment. I will do my best to help you 🙂


How to boost your instagram SEO game with alt text

Did you know you can use alt text on Instagram? Me neither, haha but now I do and I will share with you how to do it.

It is very easy! So when you post something once you are done with your text and hashtags (don’t forget your hashtags) click on advanced settings as seen below:

Insta alt text


once you have clicked on the advanced settings then you are forwarded on the following screen:


Click on the bottom the option Write alt text and you will be forwarded to this screen. On the top field, you can write your alt text. This is what I wrote:




And you are set. Alt text helps you get discovered so don’t miss out on this feature.

Thank you for reading and see you on the next tutorial.

How to make great instagram stories that engage people

Do you want to start making great stories on Instagram that will get the attention of your viewers? Me too! I have a few ideas that you can start using instantly so keep reading 🙂

What makes a story great? Great storytelling (lol, duh!?)

And what makes a story engaging? Whatever helps to make the viewers tap to see the next image and whatever makes them interact with you. And remember, it’s called “stories” for a reason, so let’s just make one, shall we?

Let’s start.

Instastory idea 1

Use fun elements on your picture, add hashtags, a gif, time or the weather. Those are fun things that in my opinion enhance your picture and help you tell a story.

For instance:

It’s morning, the time is xx:xx, it’s cold or warm outside, and so on. Right there, you have built a nice background story just with those elements. The golden rule is to ask a question to increase engagement. Add a line of text, asking something and see if you get any replies. If you are just starting the response rate might be low at the beginning but if you are consistent it will increase.

Instastory 2

Next, you can tell one story in different images.  Think like this: one slide/image/picture is one part of your story.

I will use a cooking example that I think can be applied in many different themes.

Start by showing one ingredient, and then another one on the next image, and then another. Show an onion as a whole and then show the onion chopped. Then show the final dish! Tada!

You just made a nice and delicious story, which in reality is a recipe.

You can apply the above example in many different occasions, especially if you are creating something. You can share the process by taking a picture of every step. Then you have a beginning, a middle and an end. A perfect storytelling. 

Instastory 3

Something that is similar to the previous tip is this:  Do you have an announcement to make? Break it down to 2 or 3 images so every image is one or two words so the viewers will have to tap to read the entire message. There you have a nice engaging story that will make viewers curious of what’s next. 

Instastory 4

Make a poll. Make your viewrs take control of your story by making a poll. What’s your favourite coffee? Espresso, cappuccino or late?

what is your favourite time of the day?

7am, or 7pm?

pizza with or without pineapple?

Are you a morning or an evening person?

you can start with simple questions like the above or you can be more specific.

Here is my poll story: 


Instastory 5

Do an AMA= Ask me anything.

Use the Ask me a question function of instagram stories and let your followers engage by asking you questions.

Answer to the questions you have received and that way you achieve two things:

  1. You are adding to your story by sharing the answer
  2. You engage with your followers that asked you a question and by that you help building your community.

Bonus tip 1: use the above tips and make a certain day if the week a themed day. For example, every tuesday is AMA Tuesday or make poll Thursday.

Bonus tip 2: Engage with your follower’s stories. This helps building a community. Interaction goes both ways so do to your followers what you would like them to do to you.


These are things that definitely help me engage with my friends and followers. Granted my following is not that big but it’s fun 🙂


I hope you enjoyed my tips and that you will be inspired by them.

Let me know if you have any questions and please share this blog post with your friends.


The absolute beginner (parent) guide to Snapchat

I’m not a Snapchat expert but I know how to use it. Many kids and teenagers are using it and probably if you are a parent of one of these kids and you have no clue how the app works you are probably either curious or even worried as to what those kids are doing.

Therefore, I have decided that whatever knowledge I have of the platform I’m going to share it with you.

Download the Snapchat app.

First you need to download the app. It works for Android and iOS so just search for Snapchat on Google Play or on App store.

Once you download it it will ask you to login/create an account. Go through the process as with any other app.

Snapchat registration process requires for a mobile telephone number so the idea is to install it on your smartphone and not on a tablet or any other device.

The main concept of Snapchat is to send messages that disappear

This has unfortunately made the platform ideal for people who have not so honest intentions. However for the younger ones, which is the main target group, it didn’t matter. It is actually better to not save everything as they don’t see a point in to that.

That’s an explanation I heard in a podcast at some point, it might have been Gary Vee who said that, and it makes total sense. We are the generation that is used to having everything archived but that’s not what Snapchat is about.

Snapchat resembles the real life communication like actually talking to a person where nothing is saved. I mean imaging taking a notepad and writing down every single word that came out of your mouth while you and your friend were having a discussion. No one does that. That’s the idea of Snapchat.

This is what youngsters do with each other, they chat, they send pictures and messages without archiving them.

( I suppose at this point I need to address a huge subject which is cyber-bulling.  It is a major topic that needs to be discussed and as a parent is something that worries me a lot but I don’t think I’m qualified enough to talk about it so I won’t go into it right now.) 

Snapchat stories

The other big feature is stories. These are snaps that you send either to a group of friends or post  publicly.


This is your snap and from this screen you can add filters, text and then share it to your story (square icon on the bottom).


I will give a small example. I’m out with friends for dinner so I decided to take snaps of when we meet, when we are there at the restaurant and snaps of the food. All of these go to my story so my friends who follow me can see where I’m am and how I’m enjoying my time.

Besides the interaction between friends, some brands and newspapers have seen the potential of reaching a wide audience so they are publishing as well their stories, or their news so you can subscribe on them and see what they are publishing daily.

However, I have to say that the most common way of using Snapchat, at least for me, is for texting friends, like sending SMS.

If you are a parent that has no idea about Snapchat, but your kid does, just download it and test it.

This is what the main screen looks like. This is where you take a selfie or a picture. Then you can either send it to a friend privately or as a public story for everyone to see. And by everyone I mean your 5 other friends. Or 20 or 50.

Then if you swipe left or right you will end up in either your contacts or on the subscribers screen. Do you want to try it out? You are free to add me as your friend and I will test it with you.

You have to tell me the magic word though, which is “coolparent23” to know that you found me from this article 😀

I’m morgania23 so come and say hi!

How to use IGTV, tutorial and video ideas

How to use IGTVfor business or personal branding

IGTV was released a while ago… but what the heck is it?

Keep reading and I will explain as much as I can so that you can go and dominate it.

IGTV is Instagram’s vertical format video publishing platform, for videos that are 15 seconds and longer in duration. I guess they saw the need for a vertical video format as many non-youtube-creators are doing the beginners mistake of filming vertically

vertical video filming

instead of horizontally.

horizontal video filmingTo most people, it comes naturally to film vertical so I can only guess that the platform was created with them in mind.

But what do I do with IGTV you ask? It’s a new platform and it’s still in its baby steps, but video creation is a very mature thing.

Some examples:

  • If you want to build a personal brand you can use it as a vlogging platform.
  • If you have a Youtube channel you can use IGTV to make a teaser for each video you upload and link it in the description.
  • You can make vlogs unique to the IGTV platform. For example: If you have a food blog or channel you can make breakfast related posts on IGTV.

If you are a business and you want to use IGTV to promote your brand, congrats! Congrats for embracing the latest trends and wanting to connect with your followers in a modern way.

Depending on what type of business you have you can make small clips on IGTV to showcase your products. If you are in the retail world you can showcase and talk about the features of your products.

Few IGTV ideas for companies:

  • If you sell shoes, make close up videos so that your customers can get a better view and understanding of how the shoe is. The fabric, the height, the material, the type.
  • Do you sell gadgets? Make short promo videos showing how cool your gadgets are and what you can do with them.
  • Are you a food-related business? Recipes recipes RECIPES! Easy and quick ones would be a great idea.
  • Are you making your own jewelry? Make a video about how you make them and showcase them in separate videos.

In reality, you can make a video of whatever you want. I personally sometimes vlog inside my car about various things. I have even uploaded a few from my Youtube channel which leads me to my next point:

The drawback of IGTV (but not really since it’s a different platform)

As mentioned you can see few of my Youtube videos on IGTV but since it’s horizontal vs vertical format, obviously IGTV crops the hell out of it. I don’t mind since these videos are not supposed to be uploaded there, but many YouTubers are doing it. If it’s a talking video then it doesn’t matter if it gets cropped as long as the main part of the video (aka the person talking) is visible.

Is IGTV a Youtube competitor?

No, I wouldn’t say that. These two are different platforms and serve different purposes.

You can say that IGTV is complementary to Youtube and you can use both to promote your brand. It might mean double the work, but then you have double the potential viewers.

The above is just my humble opinion and my own understanding of the platform so far. It’s a new thing and there are definitely going to be many updates and changes in the future.

The important thing is that, if there are people using it, if you want to be found, you should be there.

Do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments.

Related: How to make engaging stories on Instagram.

See you next time.


Let’s talk about instagram hashtags and strategies

hashtag image


I suppose I’m not the only one that feels that Instagram is the dominant social media platform (or let’s say amongst the dominant ones) right now. I know facebook is still active but I experience better results in Instagram.

One of the things that have helped me reach out to more user with similar interest is of course Hashtags.

pinterest image for hashtag article

What are Instagram Hashtags (for the absolute beginner)?

These are the little keywords that you can put in your description and put that # symbol at the beginning of the word. So if you make a post about photography then your hashtag should look like this: #photography.


Why we need Hashtags?

It’s a great way to search and find what you are looking for. The search function on Instagram is reading the hashtags that people are using in their posts and it’s bringing you results based on that hashtag keyword. If you want to reach out to many users and be discovered, then you need to use them.

It has actually worked on me. It is as simple as it can get. The moment I started using hashtags I noticed more people who were outside of my friends circles, discovering and liking my posts.


How many hashtags can we use?

Technically, Instagram allows for 30 hashtags but you can achieve your goals with less. It might look spammy to use that many but it’s up to you.


What hashtags should I use? What is my strategy?

Now this is where I will break it down to as much detail as I can.

Let’s say you are into photography. We will use that hashtag and you can apply the same in other categories as well.

You took a nice picture and you want to promote. Great! Now you must thing, what is this photography about? Is it a city scape? is it a forrest? Landscape? Is there a lake? Are there people? Are there sky scrapers? These are questions that their answer will lead you to the proper hashtag.

Let’s say it’s a fantastic landscape with mountains and lots of green nature and a lake somewhere. You can use all these words as hashtags. But better yet you should do a research first. By research I mean start your instagram app and go to the Search tab. Search for #photography or #landscapes and browse the results. Find a picture similar to yours and see what hashtags are used.

Do you get kind of broad results that are not really your thing? Narrow it down. Is there a lake? Search for #waterscape. See the results. You should be getting there. Go inside a picture that you consider similar to yours. See what type of hashtags that person is using. You can by all means use the same. As long as it’s not any brand-name, anything else that is generic like #forest, #landscape #waterscape #lake and so on are perfectly ok to copy and use.

So in brief your strategy can be summed up in 2 points:

  1. Use 20-30 hashtags
  2. Do your research for keywords/hashtags and see what other people are using. Get inspired.


Bonus point: 

If you don’t want your feed to look spammy you can make the hashtags “disappear”  but still have them on the post to help with search-ability.  When you are done writing your description press enter a few times and even a few dots like this:

insta hashtags printscreen


insta hashtags printscreen

What it does is that it is hiding all those hashtags on the feed and users will see up to the “… more” part (as seen on my print screen here). That way your post is still searchable by all these hashtags but the post itself looks much cleaner. This is something that can affect your branding efforts. If something looks not professional it might discourage users liking or following you on Instagram, thus hurt your brand.


These are my tips for hashtags on Instagram and I hope you found them useful. If you have any questions regarding Instagram or hashtags please let me know in the comments.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.



How to Re-post an Instagram story – super fast tutorial.

This is a very simple tutorial but it has a requirement

As far as I know, you can’t re-post any story but only the ones that you are mentioned.

So if you tag someone then that person will get a direct message with the story and it will display a message next to the image of the story “add this to your story”.

If you click on it then that image is automatically shared into your story 🙂

And it is as simple as that!

I hope this mini tutorial helped.  If you have any question’s let me know in the comments.