My 40th birthday presents and how I became an Apple user.

This is the year that I became an Apple user. What?! Who could have guessed it? I have been an Android user since the beginning. What happened? Old age? Haha maybe.Let me explain. I was forced into using an iPhone 7 the past August cause my pre-previous phone, a Nexus 6P (an amazing phone) after […]

Local youth club LAN event by Wernamo331

As a gamer myself I was honoured to be invited to this LAN (ok to be fair it was an open-for-everyone-event. The reason why I feel honoured is because the guy organizing the whole thing liked my video that I posted on Instagram and asked me to come and shoot some videos of the LAN. […]

The struggle of going to the gym and a Ted motivational talk

The pattern is the following: Yes Yes I’ve got this! I will go to the gym! Yeah girl power! I need a friend though cause I’m too lazy/shy to go by myself (the excuses begin). friend: Yes Yes me too that’s a great idea let’s go together! Yay more girl power! You are so pumped […]

Must have items on a plane

It’s not that I’m a frequent flyer but I live in a country different than my home country so I travel a few times a year to visit friends and family. The flight from Sweden, well actually Denmark, to Athens is approximately 3 hours. It’s not too short not too long either but in any […]

My super fast make up routine ideal for busy moms

Every morning it’s the same thing. Get up, make a coffee (we have a Nespresso machine so that’s the only thing that happens fast in this household), get dressed, put on some makeup so that you won’t look like zombie, get the toddler dressed, which is like trying to put clothes on to an octopus, […]

The 40+ plus geek generation and how to spot them.

Technically I’m not 40 yet, I will turn 40 in 3-4 months but oh well. I have friends in their late 30s or 40s so I suppose 40 is a nice middle number. Oh how the times have changed. But anyway. On with how to spot a 40+ year old geek list: We are the […]

Blogging like it’s 2000. A day in the life of spaceMorgy

On this article I’m going to go personal and write like I used to when I was using livejournal back in early 2000. Ha! That was not my intention when I started writing this post right here but now I got curious if that blog I had back then still exists *embarrassing* *searching*… Nope, the […]