Webflow VS Elementor?

I don’t have a verdict yet but I think Webflow is winning me over.

It wins when it comes to developing, but one may argue that both Webflow and Elementor are pretty much the same thing, meaning, both are tools for building websites and you can create boxes and elements and so on.

I’m kind of experienced when it comes to Elementor, even though I’m sure there are more things to learn, and I’m a total beginner in Webflow.

But they layouts, even if you start from scratch, are perfectly aligned, the designer screen, or canvas, is kind of having the grids ready, and whenever you move an element the guides are there to help you, to guide you where you should put your element for perfect alignment.

Elementor is completely freehand… kind of.

Yep, I think Webflow is winning me over. The challenge is how to persuade so many people, aka customers, that are used to using WordPress, they know it, they feel safe using it, it’s the market’s standard, to change into something new.

It’s up to me to put down the pros and cons and educate them.

No one said that the job of a designer/developer/freelancer is easy. We need to keep learning, adapting, educate ourselves, and educate our customers.

It never ends.

But I’m happy I discovered Webflow. And that I owe to Hanna.

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