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Follow me on my Facebook page and participate on my live streams where I show you how to use WordPress (self hosted) and Elementor for blogging. My goal is to help beginner bloggers to learn how to use this amazing platform.

Why  WordPress?

I choose to work with WordPress because it’s a versatile tool that gives you countless options on how to create the blog or website of your dreams. It is a powerful tool and it has a great community that contributes to its development so you will always find the right plugin or tool for your needs. And it’s free.

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Who am I?

My name is Xanthi S. An adventurous creator that admires modern yet sophisticated designs, who takes cutting edge trends seriously and aims to help you with your web and design challenges. Currently I stream on Facebook, three times a week, showcasing WordPress.

My first milestone, stream for 6 months on a row, 3 times a week


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