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WordPress website development

I have chosen WordPress as my main development tool because of it’s versatility and flexibility. It offers countless options on how to create an amazing blog and the website of your dreams. WordPress has a great community that contributes to its development so you will always find the right plugin or tool for your needs. 

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Who am I?

My name is Xanthi S. An adventurous creator that admires modern yet sophisticated designs, who takes cutting edge trends seriously and aims to help you with your web and design challenges. Currently I stream, I vlog and make tutorials on Youtube, mostly WordPress but occassionaly other platforms as well. My goal is to help you have the website of your dreams

My FREE SEO GUIDE just for you

Building websites has also tought me a lot about SEO as it is a big part of the building process. On this guide I go through the basic and fundamental concepts of SEO and how to think when you write a new article. I also explain how to do a keyword research and how to perform ON-PAGE SEO. It’s yours for free, always!